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Parent Summary Brief about General Araki
Language English
Collection Roy L. Morgan Papers
Box Box 3
Folder 1946 [IMFTE] (IPS) Translations of interrogations.
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Summary Brief of General (Baron) ARAKI (Sadao) Araki was appointed Chief of the General Affairs Department of the Office of Inspectorate General of Military Training in August, 1913. On December 13, 1931, he took office as Minister of War under INUKAI and continued under SAITO until January, 1934. Appointed a member of the Supreme War Council in 1934, he continued until his resignation in March, 1936. Appointed a member of the Cabinet Advisory Council on China by Prince KONOYE in 1937, ARAKI continued in this position until his appointment as Minister of Education in May, 1938. He continued in the KONOYE and HIRANUMA Cabinets until August, 1939. In 1940 ARAKI was appointed again to the Cabinet Advisory Council. As Minister of War, he conceived, suggested and crystallized a governmental policy (17 December 1931) resulting in the completion of occupation of Manchuria. He suggested and received Cabinet approval of the recognition of Manchuria as an independent government by Japan on September 15, 1932, Japan receiving by treaty certain “superior rights.” As an interested Cabinet member, ARAKI was responsible for the withdrawal of Japan from the League of Nations on March 27, 1933. A rabid militarist, nationalist and propagandist, General ARAKI stands out as the aggressive leader of the Japanese Army in the formative early 1930’s.