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Parent Summary Brief about Takazumi Oka
Language English
Collection Roy L. Morgan Papers
Box Box 3
Folder 1946 [IMFTE] (IPS) Translations of interrogations.
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Summary Brief re OKA, Takazumi (Vice-Admiral) Vice-Admiral Takazumi OKA, a career navy officer, after serving as liaison officer at the Geneva Disarmament Conference, in 1930 became Chief of the Research Section of the Navy Ministry where he remained for several years. After a year’s active duty at sea, he became Chief of the First Section of the Navy Affairs Bureau in 1937, remaining there until 1939. In 1939 he was appointed Chief of the Third Department of the Naval General Staff and in the 1940 he was appointed Chief of the Navy Affairs Bureau, which office he held until 1944. In 1944 he was vice-minister of the navy in the KOISO Cabinet. In April, 1945, he became a member of the Navy General Staff. As Chief of the Navy Affairs Bureau during the period of 1940 to 1944, Admiral OKA occupied a position of great influence as head of the strongest bureau in the navy ministry. As chief of this bureau, he attended and participated in most of the liaison conferences and in the conferences before the throne which decided the war program. He actively worked with the foreign office in the preparation and drafting o the final note to be sent to the United States. He also attended and participated in the liaison conference which approved the final form of the note and determined the time of its delivery. OKA is also said to be one of the leaders of the young officers in the Navy who were responsible for the preparation for war while negotiations with the United States were being carried on. He also, although not then on the Navy General Staff, had knowledge of the proposed attack on Pearl Harbor in the middle of November, 1941.