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Parent Pearl Harbor Attack
Date 9 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
?Ç£THE ANNIHILATION OF THE AMERICAN and BRITISH FLEETS?Ç¥ Captain: Hiraide, Hideo Published: 24 January 1942 (First Edition) 1 May 1942 (Augmented Edition) The truth of the annihilation in the Hawaiian Naval battle. When the great tactics on a grand scale never experienced in the history of war of the world came to operation, the strategy of our Navy expanded to the greatest area of seas as human beings could imagine, stretching 10,000 miles to East-West and 5,000 miles to North-South, and on the East, annihilated the U.S.A.?ÇÖs Pacific Fleet in the Naval Port of Hawaii, and further made a brave submarine attack to the land of the United States proper, and on the South in the battles off Sulabaja and Batavia exterminated the allied fleets of America, Britain, Australia, and the Netherlands and gave a big shivering to Australia and on the West made Singapore kneel down, and further annihilated British Fleet in Columbo Naval Port, thus dominating Indian Ocean. Accordingly, the fates of Australia and India are already doomed and the critical period of collapse of olden Great Britain is near at hand. When the Imperial rescript of the declaration of war against America and Britain was issued the Z flat (The Rise and fall of the Imperial State depends on the pacific) was floating in the sea breeze and our navy men sprung to their feet boldly and went long way to Hawaii and dared the surprise attack. Our Navy?ÇÖs sincere devotion until the time of operation of the naval battle of Hawaii is just the same as that of OISHI Kuranosuke who was for long time deliberating for the tactics in his retired life in YAMASHINA. Our Navy, persevering for 20 years, expecting secretly that this time will come, have been continuing blood disciplines. During these times we were compelled to cheat and deceive enemy side as well as our own side. For this reason, some of our people even criticized furiously that Japanese Navy was weak and could not stand against America. In spite of such critics, our Navy, having perseverance, continued the status of patience cheating even our nation. This fact resembles to that of retired life of OISHI Yoshi at Yamashina. And, emerging from this situation, the status of the surprise attack of Hawaii can be compared with the strategy of lightning attack of OKEHASAMA. Though the scale is far more larger than those of ancient ones. -1-