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Parent Pearl Harbor Attack
Date 9 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
PP.5-23 Secret tactics of OISHI and the surprise attack of OKEHASAMA. It was about 8 o?ÇÖclock or so of the morning of the 8th when the air raid was executed. During 2 or 3 days prior to this day of the 8th, area of Hawaii was visited by violen gale, raging on the sea, with wind and rain. It was just like the divine tempest at the time of Mongol attack against Japan, blowing in the opposite direction. This storm was quite advantageous for concealing the intention of our Navy. If it was in ordinary weather, for several hundred miles from naval port of Hawaii, the enemy was to watch and patrol with airplanes, it would have been spied and found out. But the reason why it was not discovered was that the wind and rain kept off the freedom of the patrol and watch, which fact can be said as if the Divine Wind blew in the opposite direction favorable to us. This, our navy unit of the execution was secretly coming near, but the enemy did not even dream of our approaching to attack, despite of such as violent gale, and they were in negligence. Indeed, the storm was for us the Heaven?ÇÖs help and God?ÇÖs assistance. P.6 This was Sunday morning. American Navy men take it a rule to rest on Saturday and Sunday. This was the top time when they were relaxed in spirit and mind, so it might be natural that they did not dream that a few minutes later such dreadful air raid should come. The previous night they drunk and amused and majority of them seemed to have slept on the land house. At this time the order arrived to our attacking unit to attack Oaf Island. According to the story of the commander in chief of the aviation corps, the men who stood in an array on board the ship could not but feel inspired, and at this time the Z flag which rose in the Japan sea 36 years ago arose again on the Pacific. At that time, strong wind of north-east, with the speed of 17 metres, was raging and the dense cloud was covering elsewhere. Yet the attacking units flew off the uncertain board of the tossing airplane carrier. The great units attacked Pearl Harbor not from the front but from the back over the mountain. At that time the main ships of the Pacific Fleet of the U.S.A. in t he Harbor were lying in an array each 2 side by side. Therefore it was very difficult to give each one torpedo to each one ship. It was only when the second attack took place that the enemy replied us with fire, which showed how the enemy was in confusion and dismay. In the meantime, the barracks, air bases of enemy were completely destroyed and the enemy airplanes which were destroyed were deemed at 440. On the other hand suddenly our submarine special attack corps seemed to open actions. The consequence was that the proud fleet of the U.S.A. in the Pacific, which were the implement of threatening in the morning sun, showed their ruin annihilated in only one and half an hour. -2-