Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 5, Folder 5

General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947

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Trial of Remaining Major War Criminals
Transferring materials concerning The Tripartite Pact and The Anti-Comintern Pact
Teletype Conference September 3, 1947
Telecon Conference re: War Crimes Operations September 24, 1947
Telecon Conference re: War Crimes Operations September 18, 1947
Sworn Deposition of YAMAWAKI, Masataka
Status of trial involving death of son
Statement by HATA
Scanning of Documents
SAITO, Yoshie
Rulings of the Court on Defense Evidence of Communism in China
Reported Kick-back of Secret War Funds by KOISO to ARAKI
Reference to SAIONJI Diary Excerpts
Rebuttal Evidence
re: Sugamo Prison Releases 15 War Crimes Suspects
Pearl Harbor Attack
MURATA, Yachiho - Def. Doc. No. 2120 and JO, Tomiji - Def. Doc. No. 2209
Marginal notes on IPS Doc. No. 312-(3)
List of Defense Witnesses Who Have Testified
List of Defense Witnesses Requested Through 30 September 1947
List of Defense Witnesses Requested by Defendants
List of Defendants and Attorneys
Interrogation of Japanese Nationals
INADA, Masazumi Def. Doc. No. 1701
ICHIDA, Jiro Def. Doc. No. 284
Explanation of Exhibit #859 (IPS DOC. NO. 9023)
Exhibit 859
DOHIHARA Witnesses
Document and page number
Directives - Naval General Staff
Defense Witnesses - P.O.W. Phase
Defense Witnesses - P.O.W. Phase
Defense Document No. 2471
Defense Document #1806 and 2207
Def. Doc. No. 2245
Def. Doc. No. 2245
Cross-Examination of ARAKI--Recommendation of General Hayashi for War Minister
Court Proceeding
Circumstances surrounding the "confessions" of the Doolittle flyers
ARAKI Witnesses
Approval for rebuttal documents
Affidavits - ARAKI Witnesses
WATANABE, Yasuji Def. Doc. #2171
Teletype Conference September 10, 1947
Messenger Service
Directives - Naval General Staff
Assignment September 30, 1947