The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

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Prisoners of War (POWs)

Telecon Conference January 7, 1948

Teletype Conference between Washington and Tokyo regarding War Crimes Operations. Topics include that the affidavits of John Gauthier and Arthur Shreve be expedited, presence and clearance of Francis O'Gara for the Ofuna cases as well as the Jean Nicolet case, clearance status of Glenn McDole for the Palawan Case, record of any court-martial or investigation of Major Edward R. Nell as a result of his action as a POW, the Kinari Case, the original record of trial in the case of US vs. Tetsuro, Yoshio, et al, Navy contact for information concerning last known whereabouts of Ed Whitt Garrison, status of dependant housing regarding Mrs. Wiley in compliance with requirements of Mr. Wiley's services for the IPS, completion of TOJO Phase yesterday, UMEZU final individual phase now occurring, estimation of the length of history in volumes, pages per volume and printing costs, location of Mr. Wiley, package for Tavenner, when Fihelly will return to the Department of Justice, plans of Keenan for returning, instructions for the end of Dr. Brown's program, how many lawyers from the IPS will return to the States in the near future, status of incriminating evidence to be sent from Tokyo regarding Stahmer, answer to Robinson letter of 19 September 1947, IMTFE expenses, request for Defense to supply names of United States attorneys assigned to accused (if entire list not available, at least supply names of those assigned to TOJO, TOGO, ARAKI, HOSHINO, and MINAMI.)
1948CE Jan 7th

Treatment of Enemy Air Crew Members

"Copy of a letter from the documents filed and is in custody of Administrative Official, TAKAYAMA, of General Affairs Section, Frist [sic] Demobilization Ministry." Communictaion (Army Secret No. 2190), Dispatched from Vice War Minister KUMURA, Heitaro to Each Chief of Staff stationed in JAPAN and outside JAPAN regarding the Treatment of Enemy Air Crew Members.
1942CE Jul 28th

Teletype Conference June 5, 1946

Conference between Washington DC and Tokyo. Topics include: status of appointments and personnel; obtaining of affidavits from former American prisoners of war; other war crimes courts; materials to aid various sections; Japanese-Chinese relations; narcotic/opium investigations; press releases about trial
1946CE Jun 5th


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