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More Facts Shown on Military Training News Article

Reports on the testimony of Yukitoki Takikawa and Hyoe Ouchi regarding graduation requirements for Kyoto Imperial University (including mandatory military training and lectures). They offered insight into the military training that accompanied the school's curriculum. Also recounts how the cross-examination of Ouchi progressed.

Matsuoka Dies in Hospital of Tuberculosis News Article

Reports on the death of Yosuke Matsuoka, former Japanese foreign minister, from tuberculosis and complications. "Sir William Webb announced that Matsuoka's name would be stricken from the indictment and all charges removed." Gives biographical information regarding Matsuoka as well as a description of his death bed.

Manchurian War Blamed on Army News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Ken Inukai (son of the late premier Tsuyoshi Inukai) and Baron Reijiro Wataksuki, both of whom testified that "extremist elements in the Japanese army planned and carried out the conquest of Manchuria in complete defiance of the wishes of Emperor Hirohito and the civilian governments in power at the time." They discussed Araki and Minami as well as the aggressive actions that occurred in China.

Envoy in U. S. Warned Jap Before Attack News Article

Reports that "thirteen days before Pearl Harbor, Japan's Ambassador to the United States warned his country it would be blamed and accused of trickery if Japan started war during the course of the peace negotiations which were then in progress." The warning was sent by Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura.
1946CE Jul 16th

Use of Force Urged by Jap Militarists News Article

Discusses a report from Sadaichi Yoshimoto (former chief of staff of Japan's Central China Expeditionary Army) to Masataka Yamazaki (minister of war in 1939) that "advocated the blockading of the Yangtze River to 'drive out British influence.'" The report further argued for the use of force to stop Great Britain from aiding Chiang Kai-shek. Other brief news wire service reports discuss the trial of Toshio Takeshita in Yokohama, the "inadequacy" of sentences in Yokohama according to Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger, and the fact that "Germany urged Japan to start war in 1941" according to Hiroshi Oshima when he relayed his discussions with German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

Aggression Plot to Link 3 Areas in Continent Bared News Article

Reports on the testimony given by Ryukichi Tanaka regarding propaganda, the patriotic league Sakurai Kai, the Kwantung Army, and aggression in Manchuria. Names specific policies taken by the Tojo government and the Five Year Plan for Manchuoka. At one point, the article states "Prosecutor Sackett then attempted to delve into the autonomous movements that were launched in Mongolia and North China. Lawrence J. McManus, defense counsel, objected heatedly to the devastating statements made by Tanaka on the ground of irrelevancy, but Justice Webb declared that the issues before the Tribunal were so vast, multitudinous, involved and co-related that he could hardly judge what is and what is not relevant."

450 More Japanese Are Listed for Trial News Article

Reports on the approval by the United Nations war crimes commission to include 450 more Japanese to be tried as war criminals. Other news items discussed include the meeting of Fusaaki Uzawa, Iichiro Kiyose and 20 lawyers at the office of the Association of Lawyers Defending Class A War Crime Suspects at the Nissan Building. Also includes information on the release of Shigo Tsuda who had been incarcerated at Sugamo prison.

Tokyo Tribunal Weighs Charge of Illegality News Article

Reports on the defense challenge to the validity of the tribunal by arguing that Japan did not surrender unconditionally and that therefore, the court lacks the authority to try the 28 accused Japanese war criminals. The argument was presented by lead defense counsel Iichiro Kiyose. Joseph B. Keenan presented numerous counter arguments and Sir William Webb admonished him on his lengthy replies.

20 Lawyers From U. S. to Defend War Criminals News Article

Reports on the selection of 20 attorneys from the United States to help defend Tojo and the other accused Japanese defendants at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. A brief news wire service article at the end reports that Lt. Nobeyaka Yamaguchi had been sentenced to death by hanging at Rabaul "for the massacre of 200 New Britain residents in August, 1945."


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