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Parent Status of trial involving death of son
Date 22 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
APO 500, c/o Postmaster San Francisco, California September 22, 1947 Mr. S. J. Prichard c/o The National Bank of Harrisonburg Harrisonburg, Virginia Dear Mr. Prichard: I have from time to time made inquiries about the status of the trial involving the death of your son, and I am now informed that it is expected that the trial will take place in October although further investigation may delay it. The uncompleted investigation seems to involve an attempt to connect additional superior officers with the offense. I have ascertained that the following were members of the crew of B-29 #44-69966, 770th Squadron, 462d Group, 20th Air Force, which was shot down in the Ise Bay near Nagoya on 14 May 1945: 1st Lt. Sherman, Dean H. ?Çô pilot 2d Lt. Reynolds, Theodore C. 2d Lt. Orr, Robert C. 2d Lt. Soloman, Norman t/Sgt. Miller, Lloyd G. Cpl. Johnson, Jerry W. Cpl. Howell, Evan I. Cpl. Manson, Carl H. Cpl. Labadie, Paul L. Cpl. Gentry, Edward R. Lt. Orr and Sgt. Miller were picked up by a Japanese Navy patrol boat and interned for the duration of the war. Lt. Orr was returned to the United States alive at the 3end of the war and his last known address is 1419 Henry Street, Berkeley, California. It is believed that Sgt. Miller was also returned alive, but we have no information regarding either his present or past address. This information, if desired, could probably be obtained from the Adjutant General. His serial number was 39-163-058. Lt. Reynolds was sent to Tokyo for interrogation, and was subsequently killed in a prison fire. There is no record that Cpl. Labadie survived the crash.