C.W.J. Phelps Collection, Box 1, Folder 1

First Phelps Scrap Book

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Witness Bares Trial Facts News Article
Webb Will Head Crimes Tribunal News Article
War Indictments of Japs Delayed News Article
War Crimes Suspect Goes to Hospital After Suicide Try News Article
War Crimes and the Tojo Trial Scrapbook Cover
Two Japs Given Death Sentence News Article
Tribunal Member Arrives News Article
Tojo Ordered Court Martial News Article
To Quizz Ex-POW's in U.S. News Article
Three Judges Arrive for War Crime Cases News Article
Testifies News Article
Tells of Japs' 'Assembly Line' Killing of 5,000 News Article
Tells How Japs Won Emperor's Plea for Peace News Article
Telephone Directory - IPS
Telephone Directory - IPS
Survivors of Camp Stanley News Clipping
Special Tribunal Hears Tojo Trial News Article
Send 8 Japs to Prison for War Crimes News Article
Second Jap in Shanghai Jail Ends His Life News Article
Says People Tried to Mob U. S. Fliers News Article
Report Mikado Seeks to Admit His War Blame News Article
Prosecutors Heading for China to Study Jap Acts News Article
Prison Ordered for Jap General Who Led in China News Article
Pedro Lopez Will Assist in Trials News Article
Pacific Stars & Stripes, May 4, 1946
Pacific Stars & Stripes, June 5, 1946
Order Denying Reconsideration for HIROTA's Temporary Parole
Officer Admits Ordering Death of Yank Soldier News Article
No Vote for Tojo News Article
Mr. Phelps' Document Index - First 8 Vol. Docs. 1 to 2414 incl
Mr. Phelps' Document Index - First 8 Vol. - Docs. 1 to 2414, incl
Minutes of Sixteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Minutes of Eleventh Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Military Court Preparing Now to Try Tojo News Article
Meiji Telephone Directory, 21 March '46 - Headquarters - Fifth Air Force
Matsuda to Stand Trial News Article
M'Arthur Rules Jap War Crimes Must Be Proved News Article
List of Available Case Files for All IPS Members
Japanese Doctor Admits GI Fatal Injections News Article
Jap War Suspect Awaits Verdict News Article
Jap War Criminals Sentenced News Article
Jap Generals Surrender News Clipping
Jap Ex-Fleet Admiral Put in Sugamo Prison News Article
Jap Claims Tojo Asked 'Strict But Humane' PW Care News Article
IPS Directory
International Courtroom News Clipping
Important Dates and Events in Recent Japanese History
Homma's Defense May Appeal News Article
Homma Weeps to Hear What a Kind Man He Is News Article
High Court Will Hear Yamashita Lawyers Today News Article
Hauxhurst List
Four Japs to Hang for Cebu Atrocities News Article
Four Japs Sentenced At Yokohama Trials News Article
Five Japanese Are Sentenced to Hang for Torturing and Killing Americans News Article
Ex-PW Flies Here, Accuses Jap Captain News Article
Essential Outline of Policy to do with the Southern Area to be Occupied in the War of Greater East Asia
Docket and Chronology of Proceedings and Pleadings
Chronological List of Incidents
China Puppet President Faces War Crimes Court News Article
April 15th Set as Indictment Date for Tojo News Article
Affidavit of Ryukichi TANAKA
4 Tried in Manila News Article
150 Prisoners' Deaths Charged to Jap Major News Article
'Open City' Point Hit In Gen. Homma's Trial News Article
Yanks Could Have Retaken Manila - Homma News Article
Yamashita Wins Stay of Execution While Truman Considers Clemency Plea News Article
Yamashita Doomed; President Rejects Plea for Clemency News Article
Witness Tells How Japs Slew 14 U. S. Flyers News Article
War in Manchuria Act of Aggression, Prosecutor Stays News Article
War Criminal Indictments Nearly Ready News Article
War Criminal Given Five Years in Prison News Article
War Criminal Court Stymied News Article
War Crimes News Article
War Crime Witnesses Give Lawyers Bad Time News Article
Wang's Widow Defends Mate's Pro-Jap Aims News Article
Violation by Japan of the Hague and Geneva Narcotics Convention
Verdict Please Osmena News Article
Valentine, Keenan Meet News Article
U. S. Treasury Department Press Release
U. S. Fliers Burned Alive, Court Told News Article
U. S. Court in Japan to Try Italian Embassy Ex-Aid News Article
Two Shanghai Trails Due in Doolittle Case News Article
Two Sentenced to Die News Article
Two Sentenced for War Crimes News Article
Two Liberated Prisoners of War Describe Ordeal Under Jap Rule News Article
Try Jap for Ordering 750 Chinese Executed News Article
Trial of Slayers Will Commence in Shanghai, Monday News Article
Trial of Jap Guard to Start Thursday News Article
Torturer at POW Camp Accused of War Crimes News Article
Tortured B-25 Fliers News Article
Top Jap Trials Await Supreme Court Action News Article
Tokyo Telephone Directory
Tokyo Raiders Cut Cards to Bomb Emperor News Article
Tojo, 26 Other Top Japs, Deny War Crimes Charges News Article
Tojo Secures Tokyo Lawyer For Defense News Article
Tojo Reported Admitting War Guilt in Cell News Article
Tojo May Argue Rights of Court News Article
Tojo Learns 'Hubba-Hubba' Isn't GI Slogan News Article
Tojo Laughs in Court When Another Jap Slaps His Head News Article
Tojo Declares Japan Fought a 'Righteous' War News Article
Time Magazine - Far East Edition - 20 May 1946
Three Burmese, Jap Leave Sugamo for Trials in Burma News Article
The Military Clique by Ryūkichi Tanaka
Tetsuro FURUKAKI Business Card
Testifies He Aided Jap Puppet Because He Was Well Paid News Article
Tells of Jap Killings News Article
Tells How Japs Used Geishas to Lure Opponent News Article
Tells Court Jap Cabinet Had No Rule Over Army News Article
Tears for the Prince News Clipping
Swears Homma Gave Order for March of Death News Article
Supreme Court Refuses to Save Homma from Firing Squad Death News Article
Summary of 1931 Narcotics Convention
Summary of 1925 Narcotic Convention
Summary of 1912 Narcotics Convention
Six Japs To Be Hanged News Article
Six Interpreters Chosen News Article
Sick POW's Were Made to Work News Article
Shanghai Trial Scheduled for Jap Camp Head News Article
Shanghai Trial of Japanese Nearing End News Article
Seven Koreans Get Sentences for Crimes News Article
Sentence Medical Office News Article
Schmidt Papers
SCAP Orders Arrest of Gen. Kumakichi Harada News Article
SCAP Locates and Questions General Ishii News Article
Sawada to Stand Trial News Article
Rules of Procedure of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
Rule General Not Justified in Escaping Japs News Article
Rights for Japs News Article
Revised Deadline Dates
Return of Documents
Responsibility of Head of State, Cabinet Members, Military Commanders and Staff Officers
Responsibility of Field or Area Commander for War Crimes Committed by Subordinates
Request for Document Number for Translated News Article
Reflecting on the War
Reduce Charges Against Homma to Speed Trial News Article
Reds Ignore Yank Seeking War Criminals News Article
Reactions on Nanking Rape Story Vary News Article
Rape of Nanking Told by Doctor in Trial of Tojo News Article
Rape of Nanking News to Japanese News Article
Puppet Emperor Sought as War Crime Witness News Article
Puppet Chinese Cabinet Officer Doomed to Die News Article
Prosecution Offers Additional Evidence on Manchuria Grab News Article
Propaganda Film 'On Holy Mission' Screened at Trial News Article
Processing Documents of Atrocities Against Civilians - China
Processing Documents - Atrocities in China
Prison Medic Gets Term As War Criminal News Article
Prison Chief to be Tried by 8th Army News Article
Preparations Continue on Tojo Arraignments, Trial News Article
Powell Says Mukden Blast Looked Fishy News Article
Photograph of Military Men
Philippines PW Chief at Head of Newest List News Article
Phelps' Miscellaneous Data Folder
Phelps Arrangements for HIROTA Interview
Phelps Arrangements for HIROTA Interview
Penalties for Jap Criminals Called 'Light' News Article
On His Knees News Clipping
Ogimoto is Accused of Brutality to PW's News Article
Official Text - Potsdam Surrender Ultimatum
Notice of Hearing on Petition
Note from Transcript of Testimony of Fusanosuke KUHARA
Nomura to Tell His Story of Pre-War Negotiations News Article
Nisei Lawyer, 43, Coming to Tokyo for War Trials News Article
Nippon Times, March 21, 1946
Nippon Times, June 8, 1946
Nippon Atrocities Seen at Nanking Related by Bates News Article
Nazi Envoy to Japs in '41 Held for MacArthur News Article
Navy Rescues 1200 Allied Prisoners Held on Formosa News Article
Nanking Rape Termed Ugly Soar for Japan News Article
Myers vs. Myers in State of Illinois
Mrs. Homma Sees M'Arthur, Asks for Review of Case News Article
Mr. Phelps' Analysis of Documents by Subjects
Mr. Comyns Carr's Analysis of Documents by Subjects
Mr. Comyns Carr's Analysis of Documents by Subjects
More Suspects Arrive; Swell Sugamo Numbers News Article
Minutes of Thirteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Minutes of Fourteenth Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Million Chinese Killed in War News Article
Manchurian Phase of Case Resumed at Tribunal Session News Article
Manchurian Phase of Case Resumed at Tribunal Session News Article
Man Who Financed Jap Army Being Questioned News Article
Maj. Tisdelle to Testify in Homma's Trial News Article
Maj. Achille Tisdelle News Clipping
MacArthur's Daily Exit from Headquarters is a Big Tokyo Event News Clipping
MacArthur OK's Death Decree for Gen. Homma News Article
List of Names of Japanese and Puppets Exercising Civilian Control in Occupied China
List of Names of Japanese and Puppets Exercising Civilian Control in Occupied China
List of Names of Japanese & Puppets in China
List of Names of Japanese & Puppets in China
List of Basic Documents to be Introduced in Evidence
Let Yamashita Hang, Supreme Court Decides News Article
Komatsu Furlough
Kill Aussie War Crimes Officials News Article
Japs' Premier to Resign 'If 3 Parties Unite' News Article
Japs' Attack Plans Known Dec. 3, 1941 News Article
Japs Prepare Site of War Trials News Article
Japs Claim Doolittle Flyers Strafed School News Article
Japs Accused of Beheading Denver Flier News Article
Japanese Treaty Analysis Project
Japanese To Get Seats At War Crime Trials News Article
Japanese Stamps
Japanese Sergeant Acquitted News Article
Japanese Placed on Trial as Indianan's Torturer News Article
Japanese Officers Faced with Charge of Cannibalism News Article
Japanese Major Wins Clemency, Lauds Americans News Article
Japanese Currency
Japanese Currency
Japanese Currency
Japanese Currency
Japanese Currency
Japanese Currency
Japan's Scarecrow War Crime Suspects Now Sleek, Assured . . . . Scribe Mystified News Article
Jap War Criminals Not As Smart As U. S. Gangsters News Article
Jap Officer Sentenced News Article
Jap Navy Officers to Die for Slaying of 9 Burmese News Article
Jap Mine Boss Says Captain Protected PWs News Article
Jap is Hanged for Beheading 2 Yank Flyers News Article
Jap Goes to Trial Today for Wisconsinite's Death News Article
Jap General Sentenced News Article
Jap General Charged with 1,000 Deaths News Article
Jap Ex-Consul at Mukden is Heard at Trial News Article
Jap Defenses Note
Jap Col. Akira Nagahama News Clipping
Jap Captain Gets Five Years for War Beatings News Article
Jap Captain Gets Five Years for War Beatings News Article
Jap Captain Charged with Fliers' Deaths News Article
Italian Embassy Ex-Aid Given 4 Years by Army News Article
Invitation to the New Spring Garden Party
Interpreter Will Stand Yokohama Atrocities Trial News Article
Instructions for Analyzing and Filing Documentary Evidence
Installment of Tavenner as Assistant to the Acting Chief of Counsel
Indictment Near News Clipping
Indicted with Tojo in Japan News Article
Human Targets for Jap Shooting Match News Clipping
Horrible Disgrace News Article
Hon. Pants Droop News Clipping
Homma's Defense Cites High Death Rate of Japs News Article
Homma Trial Finished; Verdict Due Monday News Article
Homma Laments Fact He Didn't Try Hara-Kiri News Article
Homma Dissent Irks Keenan News Article
Homma Admits He Ordered 'Death March' News Article
Hirohito On Trial News Article
Hirohito Not Yet Cleared - Top Japs to Face Unified Charges News Article
Hirate Must Hang As War Criminal, Verdict News Article
Higgins on Tribunal News Article
Hatoyama May Face War Crimes Charges News Article
Hatoyama Barred as Jap Premier News Article
Hang Jap for Death of Two GI Prisoners News Article
Guard Gets 20 Years for Beating News Article
Group Numbers and Assigned Counsel
GHQ Unit Exchange Card for Capt. Calhoun W. J. Phelps
GHQ Mess Card for Capt. Calhoun W. J. Phelps
Gen. Kumakichi Harada is Now in Sugamo Cell News Article
Gen. Homma States He Lacked Authority News Article
Gen. Hiroshi Tamura Ordered to Sugamo News Article
Full Translation of Records of Japanese Home Ministry
Four Japanese to Die for Murder and Rape News Article
Former War Prisoner to Fly to Japan News Article
Former Tribune Writer Tells of Manchuria Plot News Article
Former Reich Ambassador to Japan Queried News Article
Former G-Man Placed on Military Tribunal News Article
Foreign Minister Baron Tanaka's Speech at the 54th Session of the Imperial Diet
Filipinos Hail Court Decision on Yamashita News Article
FEC Approves Pacific War Criminal Policies News Article
Extracts of Tokyo Gazette; Miscellany
Exonerated Jap Admits Helping Kill U. S. Flyer News Article
Execution of 3 Yank Flyers by Japs Revealed News Article
Excerpt from Japan Year Book - 1937
Ex-Shanghai Scribe Powell Describes Days of Agony in 'Kempeitai' Dungeon News Article
Ex-GI's Won't Testify So Jap Criminals Go Free News Article
Ex-Commanders of Philippine PW Camp Arrested News Article
Ex-Admiral Accused News Article
Evidence and Defendants Committee - Witnesses and Documents Sub-Committee
Emperor To Be Tried News Article
East is West News Article
Dr. Ba Maw is Handed Over to British Here; Is Returning to Burma News Article
Documents to be Introduced into Evidence - Second Series
Documents Show Testaments of Courage News Article
Documents Received from IPS - July 15, 1946
Documents Received from IPS
Documents Obtained from Treasury Department Bureau of Customs
Documents Check Sheet
Documents Admitted into Evidence - July 9, 1946
Documents Admitted into Evidence - July 10, 1946
Document Index - First 6 Vol. Docs. 1 to 1575, Incl
Death Sentences for Five Doolittle Torturers Upheld News Article
Death Penalty Decreed For Kempei-tai Spy News Article
Crucifixion of Filipino Told at Japs' Trial News Article
Courtroom For Trial of Tojo, Cohorts Completed News Article
Court Sentences 4 War Criminals News Article
Court Balks at Tojo's Evidence Against Russia News Article
Corrections to English Translations of Exhibits 103 to 129 Inclusive
Common Trial Set for 4 Japanese News Article
Common Trial Asked Again for Japanese News Article
Commentary on the 1931 Convention (Geneva)
Commentary on the 1925 Convention (Geneva)
Commentary on the 1912 Convention (The Hague)
Colonel, Death March of Bataan Survivor Returns to Tokyo to Testify at War Trials News Article
Collaborationist Sentenced News Article
Clausen Quotes Message Sent by British Agent News Article
Civilians, GIs, Sailors to See Tokyo War Trials News Article
Chinese Move Actress Held as Opium Addict News Article
China Theater Judge Advocate Address Card
Chief Justice of Massachusetts to Join War Tribunal News Article
Charges Japs Slew Million China Captive News Article
Charges Homma Ordered Filipino Jurist Killed News Article
Bus Brings 26 Noted Japs to Face War Trial News Article
Briton Claims He Was Forced to Propagandize News Article
British Locate Japs Wanted in Hong Kong News Article
British Court Give Death Penalty to 14 News Article
Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial
Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial
Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial
Bodies of 100 Believed Slain by Japs Found News Article
Board of Tourist Industry, Japanese Government Railways Brochure
Bibliography of Materials Related to Opium
Beating Prisoners Likened to Black Market by Jap News Article
Bald Pate of Tojo Catches a Slap by a Jap News Article
Army, Navy, Marines on Atrocity Tribunal News Article
Army Tribunal Acquits First Jap Defendant News Article
Appendix D - Statement of Individual Responsibility
AP News Clippings on War Criminals
Affidavits Claim Allied PWs Beat Comrades News Article
Affidavit of Ai-Sin-Cho-Lo PU YI
Admiral Shigetaro Shimada News Clipping
80 More Bodies Found in Walled City Ruins News Article
500,000 Nanking Dead News Article
5 Pacific Veterans Here to Testify at Trials News Article
5 Japs Sentenced to Die for Slaying Milwaukee Airman News Article
5 Convicted on Morotai News Article
41 War Suspects Arrive at Sugamo News Article
40 Hour Work Week and Weekend Schedule
4 Days to Go, Japs Wait for U. S. Defense Aid News Article
3 Japs Hanged for Atrocities News Article
26 Top Japs, Including Tojo, Face Court Friday News Article
20 Years to Jap Who Beat U. S. War Prisoners News Article
2 Tortureres Found Guilty of Atrocities
11th Year Showa (1936) No. 8349 Code Cable
11 Japs Accused of Execution of Fliers Enter Pen News Article
10 Beheaded Bodies Unearthed by British News Article
'The Bull' Goes on Trial For Wartime Atrocities News Article
'Road Ahead Cleared for War Crime Trials' News Article
'Kill Me and Be Damned!' Japs Defied by Yank News Article
'Death March' Jap General Awaits Rifles News Article
'Buried Alive' May Have Been Soldier's Fate News Article