Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 25, Folder 6

Prosecution Analysis of Defense Documents

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China Phase Note
Def. Doc. No. 1401 A1, B1, C1- NOMURA Communications
Def. Doc. No. 1401 Series - Referred to in YAMAMOTO Affidavit, #2014
Def. Doc. No. 1763 to 1729 on Order List - Excerpts from the Official Gazette
Def. Doc. No. 1900-A-1 thru 25 - Excerpts from Tokyo 'Asahi'
Def. Doc. No. 1951 A thru E - Excerpts from Japanese Naval Regulations re Personnel and Management
Def. Doc. No. 206-B - Grew Extracts
Def. Doc. No. 206-C - Grew Extracts
Def. Doc. No. 206-D - Grew Extracts
Def. Doc. No. 206E - Excerpts from Ambassador Joseph Grew's 'Ten Years in Japan'
Def. Doc. No. 2078-A thru G - Various regulations concerning prisoners of war
Def. Doc. No. 2096, 1938, 1965 - Orders re Troops dispatched to Manchuria
Def. Doc. No. 2815, 2816, 2817 - Fuehrer Conferences
Def. Doc. No. 2845 - Ex parte Statement of OSHIMA, Hiroshi
Def. Doc. No. 401-B (1)-(10) - Excerpts from 'Peace and War'
Def. Doc. No. 502 - Excerpts from 'Behind the Japanese Mask' by Sir Richard Craigie
Exhibit No. 2202-A - Copy of 'The Osaka Asahi', dated 1 July 1931, excerpt therefrom
Exhibit No. 3119 - Table of Menu, Hiroshima POW Camp
Exhibit No. 74 - Imperial Ordinances on the Organization of the Ministry of War
Exhibit No. 871 - Records of the Progress of Theoretical Manoeuvers for Total War No. 1
Exhibit No. 913 - 'Ships in the Japanese Navy, Battleships'
Exhibit No. 916 - Chart entitled 'Major Combat Vessels of Japan 1931-1945, on Hand and Under Construction'
Exhibit No. 917 - 'Ships in Japanese Navy, Light Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers'
Exhibit No. 918 - 'Ships in Japanese, Navy, Carriers'
Multiple Def. Docs. - OSHIMA documents citing International Law re Diplomats, Attaches, et al
Multiple Def. Docs. No. 1400 - Additional regulations pursuant to the act of 2 July 1940
Multiple Def. Docs. No. 1401 - Exchanges Between Ambassador NOMURA and Foreign Office
Prosecution Exhibit No. 2346 - Statement upon fall of HIRANUMA Cabinet