G. Carrington Williams Papers, Box 1, Folder 2

Memoranda, Reports and Personal Notes re Hoshino 1946-1948

Documents List Concerning Hoshino
Reasons of Protesting Against Prosecutors' Presentations of Bombing Surveys
My Relations with Prince Konoye
105 Excerpts from Kido's Diary
Corrections to Defense Motion 685
Questions Regarding Hoshino
Hoshino Wishes for Trial
G. C. Williams Position on Role as American Defense Counsel
Correction in Mastsui's Motion to Dismiss
Hoshino's Answer to Tanaka's Allegations
Hoshino Verification of Interrogation
Phelps' Documents Index for Hoshino
Notes Regarding Hoshino from Tomita
Handwritten Partial Draft Statement
Notes on Hoshino in Manchuria
IPS Documents Concerning Hoshino
Court Proceedings Mentioning Hoshino
Hoshino Interrogation Excerpt Dated 19, 22 and 28 November 1945
Notes Regarding Hoshino from Tomita
Questions Regarding Hoshino and Manchuria
Viscount Hirobashi
Thoughts on Hoshino's Defense
Prep Questions for Chou Kai-Ting and Wang Fu-Hai
Williams' Opinions on the Defense Case
Suggestions on Mr. Hoshino's Affidavit
Running Commentary on Pro. Exh. 454-A
Overtime Policy for Defense Panel
Recommended Procedure for Progress on Hoshino Defense
Tsunekazu Namba Affidavit
Interview with Hoshino - June 27, 1947
Argument I
Suggested Additions to Economic Defense
Corrections to Defense Motion 698
Notes on Japanese Cabinets and Policies
Hoshino Motion to Dismiss
Matsuda Interview Summation
Affidavit of Dr. Charles Nelson Spinks
Handwritten Notes on China Phase Exhibits
Indictment Survey - Hoshino Evidence
Corrections in Oshima's Motion to Dismiss
Hoshino Interview Summation for July 11, 1947
Offering of Defense Document 1930 into Evidence and Ushiba Affidavit
Hoshino Request for Withdrawal from Dock
Names Referred to in Umezu Interrogation
Interview with Hoshino, July 1947
Re Draft Imperial Rescript Declaring War
Handwritten Statement on Economic Situation
Sworn Deposition of Kenji Tomita
Hoshino's Thoughts on Manchuria
Men of the Planning Board
Notes and Document 0003
Checklist including Questions, Exhibits, and Witnesses
Translation Questions Regarding Interrogation
Verification Questioning of Hoshino Interrogation
Changes in the Konoe Cabinet
Rokuzo Takebe Affidavit
Notes on Kenji Tomita
Outline for Motion to Dismiss
The Tripartite Alliance
Individual Responsibility and the Versailles Treaty Conferences
Naoki Hoshino Affidavit
Notes on Phases of Government Activities which Hoshino Was Connected
The Planning Board Case
Hoshino Motion to Dismiss
Excerpt from the Interrogation of Akira Muto
Memoirs of Naoki Hoshino
On the Population Policy
Order of Proof for Hoshino
Exhibits and Witnesses of Prosecution Counsel
Minutes of the IMTFE - Forenoon Session
Hoshino Answers
Notes on Talk with Mr. Swanto, Indonesian Attorney from Batavia, Java