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Copy To the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Trying Major Japanese War Criminals The Government of the Mongolian People’s Republic taking into consideration the principles proclaimed in the Atlantic Charter and other subsequent declarations of the United Nations to the effect that after the defeat of aggressive states to major war criminals of those countries stern justice will be meted out; And taking into consideration the tendencies to uproot all sorts of aggressive intentions on the Asiatic continent; And also taking into consideration the necessity of establishing stable peace and the development of friendly relations between nations and states, and the necessity of exemplary punishment of major initiators of war in the Far East who brought great suffering to the Mongolian people, address the following declaration to the International Military Tribunal: “In the course of several decades Japanese imperialism was most dangerous hotbed of world aggression in the Far East. Though the Mongolian People’s Republic had no common boundary line with Japan, being three thousand kilometers from the Japanese isles, it was many times subjected to predatory attacks of Japanese military in the last twenty-five years. Open armed aggression on the part