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Parent The Medical Report of Dr. Okawa - Shumei August 22, 1946
Date 22 August 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from August 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
SUBJECT: The Medical Report of Dr. OKAWA, Shumei. TO: The President, International Military Tribunal for the Far East FROM: Yushi Uchimura, M. D., Professor of Psychiatry, Tokyo Imperial University; President of Matsuzawa Hospital for the Insane. DATE: August 22nd, 1946 1.The following medical report is submitted regarding the physical and mental condition of Dr. OKAWA, Shumei, with the recommendation for future plan. The Condition of the Patient when he was transferred to the Tokyo Imperial University Hospital, June 11, 1946. He was under manic excitements manifested by talkative and overactive; his topics were most of time of grandiose delusions. Treatment. The malaria was inoculated for the purpose of fever therapy on the same day the patient was admitted to the hospital. Later the typhoid vaccine was injected in order to quicken the process of the therapy, resulting expected high fever from June 18. The fever therapy was completed after the eighth intermittent fever on June 30; his fever had been up to 40c degrees to 41c degrees; it was the ideal form of malarial fever. His appetite was very poor ever since he came to this hospital, and especially so during the treatment that it was often feared the ordinary course of fever therapy might not be followed. After Treatment. July. His emotional excitements were not subsided as it was usually expected in such cases, but he even acted violently. The soporific was, therefore, sued to keep him quiet and calm under sleeping condition continually. On July 16 symptoms of bronchopneumonia were appeared; Xray film indicated the long standing tuberculosis of both lungs active again. A quantity of sulfonamide preparation was successful for this treatment, and the patient recovered from this complication of illness on July 25.