DoCo No. 6907 Mr0 President and Members of the Tribunal: The subject of this phase of the case Is collaboration between Japan, Germany and Italy. Evidence will be Introduced to prove that the accused planned, prepared, Initiated and waged wars of aggression and wars In volatlon of International law, treaties, agreements or assurances, and that they participated as leaders, organizers, Instigators or accomplices In the formulation and execution of a common plan or conspiracy for this accomplishment as charged in Counts 1 to 36 Inclusive of the indictment• The evidence Introduced will also substantiate charges set forth in the remaining counts of the indictment. For the purpose of proving that the accused participated in the formulation and execution of the common plan or conspiracy charged, and for the purpose of demonstrating the effective and indispensable contribution made by leaders in Germany and Italy in the attainment of the objects of the conspiracy, we shall introduce evidence, much of which has hitherto been secret, regarding clandestine negotiations for the conclusion of various treaties and collaboration between the participating powers under these treaties. This evidence will show that in spite of the distrust that each Ax4.s power had for the others and oc-casional differences that arose among them by reason of immediate conflicting interests, Japan, on the one hand, sought and obtained from the alliance with her Axis partners tremendous military strength and political bargaining power, and that Germany and Italy, on the other hand, likewise profited substantially thereby. The manner in which thi