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GENERAL HEADQUARTESR, U.S. ARMY FORCES, PACIFIC ADJUTANT GENERAL’S OFFICE RADIO AND CABLE CENTER INCOMING MESSAGE UNCLASSIFIED ROUTINE 21 September 1946 FROM: WASHINGTON (WDSCA WC) TO: CINCAFPAC (FOR KEENAN IPS) NR: WC L 45456 Re item e TT dtd 4 Sept and urad Sept Z 18184. Copy of Marburg Paper requested in teletype forwarded via air. Document described as telegram from Ott to Foreign Minister Berlin dtd 24 June frame nbr 156906-7. Authenticated document requested by cable and described as telegram 2657 frame br 25043-4 expected from State Dept 20 Sept. NO SIG ACTION: INTL PROSEC SECT INFORMATION: GOVT SECT 07998 ROUTINE UNCLASSIFIED TOO: 192315 Z MCN: ZI 51/20