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COPY GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SUPREME COMMANDER FOR THE ALLIED PORTS APO 500 2 July 1946 CIRCULAR No . . . . 4 CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ON DUTY IN THE OCCUPATIONAL AREAS OF JAPAN AND KOREA – HOURS OF WORK 1. Standard Work Week. Effective 1 July 1946 the standard work week for all War Department civilian employees in the occupation area will be forty (40) hours. Wherever possible, this work week will be encompassed in five (5) eight-hour days, Monday through Friday, in accordance with paragraph 4, War Department Orders A, 27 August 1945. 2. Saturday and Sunday Work In order to keep offices open on a seven-day week basis and still keep overtime down to an absolute minimum, work schedules may be staggered either on a permanent or rotational basis or a skeleton staff may be established for this purpose provided the compensatory time off is fully utilized in such instance. 3. Regularly Scheduled Overtime. Agency commanders will not schedule overtime in excess of forty (40) hours per week except with prior approval of General Headquarters. Detailed information concerning the classification and grade of the position and the work performed, and full justification for additional overtime will be clearly stated when approval for overtime is requested. 4. Emergency Overtime. Agency commanders may authorize hours of work in excess of forty (40) hours to meet specific emergency work situations. 5. Compensatory Time. Compensatory time off in lieu of payment for overtime will be granted, wherever possible, for hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week. Such compensatory time must be taken during the same pay period as that in which work was performed. 6. Personnel Strength. Reduction of the work week to forty (40) hours will not provide a basis for increase in personnel strength. 7. Rescission. Circular 1, General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers 8 April 1946, subject: “Civilian Personnel on Duty in the Occupational Areas of Japan and Korea – Hours of Work,” is rescinded. 8. BY COMMAND OF GENERAL MacARTHUR: PAUL J. MUELLER Major General, General Staff Corps Chief of Staff OFFICIAL: (Signed) John B. Cooley JOHN B. COOLEY Colonel, AGD Adjutant General