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Parent Telecon, 5 June 46, Page 12
Date 5 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Telecon – 5 June 46 – Page 12 TOKYO 17 To Otto Lowe. Please ascertain from War Crimes who is responsible for Captain Klineman of Defense panel. His actions in Court have brought defection upon the American Bar and are seriously hurting this trial and serving no purpose whatsoever to the accused, and bringing American counsel before this Tribunal in a manner causing their derision. He should be called back or assigned to some other duty immediately to avoid serious consequences. Please handle with Secretary of War if necessary. WD 33 Reuritem 17. Am advised Lt. Col. Sidney Rubenstein of War Crimes Branch, former FBI agent in charge at Baltimore, recommended Capt. Kleiman’s selection. He has known him several years and recommended him most highly. War Crimes Director will want to know who is making this complaint and does Col. Walbridge concur. Please answer now. TOKYO 21 Re Captain Kleiman, there is no formal complaint, but the recitation I have given is confirmed by my conversation with several members of the Court dependable members of Civilian Personnel recruited from Washington for Defense Counsel work and is a general observation. IT would not be unlikely that if Captain Kleiman continued his method of presentation, the Court might be required to ask him to leave his assignment. He is harming the Defense and not the Prosecution, but he is injuring the good name of American counsel. Justice Northeroft ironically, informally asked me yesterday afternoon if the Court, having asked for American lawyers to guide Japanese counsel as to procedure, should now ask for other American lawyers to guide those now present. I am sure he was referring to Captain Kleiman. The situation would have to be very apparent and extreme to require these criticisms to me. I have no personal relation, no irritation or contact of any kind with Kleiman. As for his recommendation, there must have been some great change in him enroute. Look into his educational background and training. WD 34 Can you advise us now or later whether Col. Walbridge, Capt. Coleman and the Tribunal will concur and make removal request. IF so, action will be taken immediately. Please advise. TOKYO Re your WD 34, cannot advise at this time. Will advise at next conference. WD 26 Is it agreeable with you to have next week’s telecom on Wed. at 2400 Z and thereafter have the telecons on Thursday at 2400Z. (This is Okay)