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Parent Completion of the Case Against OKAWA, Shumei August 28, 1946
Date 28 August 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from August 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TOKYO, AUGUST 28, 1946 MEMORANDUM TO MR. FRANK S. TAVENNER SUBJECT: COMPLETION OF THE CASE AGAINST OKAWA, SHUMEI There has been a fair amount of evidence introduced against the defendant OKAWA in the development of the phases heretofore tried. There remain several documents of the greatest importance to be introduced against this defendant, and are set out as follows: (1) Prosecution documents 1907 and 1908 have been processed and are ready for introduction. 1907 is the story of OKAWA’s career taken from his testimony before the Tokyo Criminal Court in 1934. Document 1908 is taken from the testimony of OKAWA at the same trial and amounts to a full confession of hi conception and execution of overt acts in the overall conspiracy, namely March 1931 Incident Manchurian Incident, October 1931 Incident, the Blood Brotherhood Assassination of 1932. (2)All of the books, pamphlets and speeches of Dr. OKAWA have been processed for introduction in evidence and most certainly should go in against him. (3)The interrogatories of OKAWA should be offered in evidence for what they are worth on the basis that, however insane he may be or may have been at the time he answered to them, his physician stated that his memory is in remarkably fine shape and extremely accurate to the smallest detail. Further, there is such absolute corroboration of all the facts related in these interrogatories that they certainly should be before the Court to be given whatever weight the Court in its wisdom may see fit. It admission is denied nothing has been lost. It is certainly worth an attempt. There can be no doubt that the defendant OKAWA was the sparkplug that kept the whole conspiracy alive and going over the whole period covered in the Indictment. He and Hashimo are the thread running through the whole pattern. In the long run these two men, particularly OKAWA can be used to connect up the whole conspiracy. This should not be lost sight of at any time. It is plain to anyone properly acquainted with Japanese affairs that the same little group of militarists under the constant goading and intellectual leadership of OKAWA did form