26 December 1946 MEMO TO: Mr. Mahoney (Copy to Mr. Tavenner) SUBJECT: Beikoku ni Tsukaishite (“My Mission to the United States”), recent book by Kichisaburo NOMURA, published by Iwanami Shoten, July 1946. 1.Several months ago subject book, in Japanese, appeared in the bookstalls of Tokyo. At that time the writer advised the Investigative Division by phone of the fact and suggested that a version of the events leading up to Pearl Harbor by the then Japanese Ambassador in Washington was worth buying and scanning. The secretary who answered the phone requested that the information be submitted in writing; this seemed too formal and I asked her simply to pass the word on to her chief. Whether she did or not I do not know but the Document Division has no record of the book. 2.If it is believed that further information or evidence is needed on pre-Pearl Harbor Japanese American negotiations it is recommended: a.That subject book be acquired by IPS and scanned for such information or evidence. b.That IPS Document 1834 – Chubei Nimmu Hokoku (“Admiral NOMURA’s Official Report on his Mission in U. S.”) dated 20 August 1942 – be re-scanned, the report of the original analyst being practically worthless considering the importance of the subject. Yale Maxon Comdr., USNR