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Parent "Special Studies" File
Date 27 May 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from May 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Dissemination of "Special Studies": Mr. Tavenner - 1Mr. Horwitz -1 Mr. Sutton - 2Files (Rm. 361 -3 GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SUPREME COMMANDER FOR THE ALLIED POWERS INTERNATIONAL PROSECUTION SECTION 27 May 1947 All Attorneys Mr. Tavenner "Special Studies" File 1.A file of Special Studies has now been set up in Room 361 for the information and convenience of Prosecution attorneys. Defense will not have access to this file. 2.Other reports or studies considered to be of value or interest to the Prosecution staff should be submitted to the Document Division for incorporation in this Special Studies File. The following titles are now on file in Room 361. SS# 1. "Interpretation of the Potsdam Declaration" SS# 2. "Japanese Occupation of Portugese Timor" SS# 3. "I.R.A.A." SS# 4. "Educational System in Japan" SS# 5. "Peace Preservation Law" SS# 6. "Autonomous Movements and the Establishment of the State of Manchukuo" - Special Assignment 20 March 1947, Preliminary Report on Manchuria SS# 7. "Introduction of Shinto Religion in Manchuria" ss# 8. "Arita's Radio Speech on 29 June 1940" SS# 9. "Laws of War - Treatment of Bandits, Irregulars and Guerrillas" SS# 10. "Laws of War. Treatment of Bandits, Irregulars and Guerillas" SS# 11. "The PANAY and LADYBIRD Incidents" MEMORANDUM FOR FROM SUBJECT SS# 12. "KOA-IN(China Affairs Board) - Report on Sub-division 5 and 6 of the China Case" SS# 13. "Peace Negotiations between Japan and China, Nov. 1937 - Jan. 1938" SS# 14. "Blockades - YAMAMOTO - ENOMOTO" SS# 15. "Japanese Policies vis-a-vis China (Jan 1938 - Mar. 1940) - Report on Sub-divisions 5 and 6 of the China Phase" SS# 16. "Aide Memoire - The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, or The Lukouchiao Incident - 7 July 1937" FRANK S. TAVENNER Chief, Legal Division