INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL FOR THE FAR EAST No. 1 Paper No. 604 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; et al vs ARAKI, Sadao; et al APPLICATION OF THE PROSECUTION FOR MEDICAL EXAMINATION AND REPORT CONCERNING THE ACCUSED OKAWA, SHUMEI ------ The said prosecutors respectfully represent to the Tribunal that the accused OKAWA, Shumei has received treatment at the Matsuzawa Metropolitan Hospital in Tokyo under the previous orders of the Tribunal; that the last medical report from the said institution shows that his medical condition on 15 October 1946 was substantially the same; and that in the opinion of the said prosecutors a further examination and report by competent medical examiners should be made at this time. The prayer of this application is therefore that a proper order be entered by the Tribunal directing that the accused OKAWA, Shumei be medically examined by two psychiatrists, one to be selected by the prosecutors and the other by the attorney for the accused OKAWA, Shumei; and that immediately after the examination the said psychiatrists shall file their reports with the President of this Tribunal; for such other order as to the said Tribunal may seem just and proper. Respectfully submitted this ninth day of December 1946. _____________ Carlisle W. Higgins Assistant Chief of Counsel TO: THE GENERAL SECRETARY International Military Tribunal for the Far East AND TO: THE DEFENDANTS