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IPS TG/FST/ws GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SUPREME COMMANDER FOR THE ALLIED POWERS AND UNITED STATES ARMY FORCES, PACIFIC OUTGOING MESSAGE Date: 16 December 1946 IN THE CLEAR URGENT FROM: SCAP TO: WDSCA WASHINGTON D C (ATTENTION: CAPTAIN LUKE LEA) PARENPARSE REQURAD ZEBRA DASH TWO SEVEN FIVE NINE THREE DATED ONE ZERO DECEMBER AND YOUR ITEM WILLIAN DOG TWO TWO TELETYPE OF ONS ONE DECEMBER CMA INFORMATION REQUESTED URGENTLY NEEDED HERE PD PLEASE EXPEDITE FORWARDING OF SAME TO OFFICIAL: APPROVED BY: JOHN B. COOLEY Colonel, AGD Adjutant General ___________ THEODORE GOUSLBY Lt. Col., Cav. Executive Officer International Prosecution Section MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD IN THE CLEAR The IPS desires information as to the procedure at Nuremberg upon conclusion of the Prosecution’s evidence, etc. Since this information is urgently needed, it is necessary to send the above radiogram to follow up a previous radiogram and Telecon which we have had with Washington.