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-10- Japanese troops and finally drove them out of Mongolia. + + + In the period between January 24 1935 and March 31 1936 the Japanese troops 8 times intruded into the Mongolian People’s Republic. The troop being from a platoon to a battalion strong, not counting numerous attacks of smaller unites 10, 15 men strong. During such attacks the Japanese unites captured cattle, motor vehicles, provisions and other property. Only in the above mentioned period the Mongolian army lost 233 men. Not counting civilian casualties and border frontier corps casualties. The damage caused to the War Ministry of the Mongolian People’s Republic was appraised by the commission as amounting to 11 million tugrics. In the period between January to May 11 1939, prior to the offensive of the Japanese Army against Mongolia, the command of the Kwantung Army launched 17 attacks in the Halhin-Gol area with unites from section to battalion strong. As a result of the fighting in the Halhin-Gol area the Mongolian Army lost 1131 men, and sustained damage amounting to 60 million tugrics. In the period from 1939 after Halhin-Gol events to August 1945 inclusive the Mongolian army lost 675 men and