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Parent Teletype Conference June 5, 1946
Date 5 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Telecon 5 June 1946 – Page 10 WD 15 (Cont’d) There has been a resultant three and a half months dislocation of my whole business life, with very large financial losses to me. If the authorities who want me to go to Tokyo cannot from now on smooth the way for my departure they will have to dispense with my testimony.” Abend will be of more trouble than his services are worth, we think, so if it is agreeable to you, we would like to drop him. Please advise now. TOKYO 14 Reutiem 1, last Telecon, obtainable information being photostated now. Will be sent via air service this week. Miscellaneous WD 10 Please answer the following unanswered items from last Telecon: (1) WD item 4 regarding John Goette as a witness; (2) WD item 22 regarding whether or not you have access to material mentioned therein o rhave contacted Colonel Carpenter regarding same; (3) WD item 25 in regard AFPAC 17 of Telecon 1 May; (4) WD item 26, regarding names of Navy personnel with IPS. TOKYO 11 Reuritem 10: (1) We want John Goette as witness. Witness fee should be $25 per day. APR has already been sent by cable. (2) We have access to Col. Carpenter’s files re Philippine matters. (2) Reuritem 25 last telecom and ouritem17 of 1 May, drop the matter for the present time. (4) List being sent in today, telecon. WD 3 Associate Press dispatch in June 3 Washington papers is headed “U.S. attorneys defending Japanese call trial unfair, decide to quit.” Dispatch also states Mr. Keenan requested permission to make hurried trip to U.S. to take care of personal affairs during 10-day recess. What is status? When will Keenan arrive in Washington? TOKYO 9 Mr. Keenan has made no announcement of any plans about making trip to Washington. TOKYO 16 Reference reports Mr. Keenan’s return, no plans whatsoever have been made therefor. Press statement entirely unauthorized and inaccurate.