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Parent Teletype Conference June 5, 1946
Date 5 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Telecon – 5 June 46 – Page 11 TOKYO 18 We have been informed by Public Relations office here that Signal Center was supposed to have teletyped opening address Sunday night. Please find out if it has been received by teletype, three copies now enroute by courier. WD 30 The “Washington Post” this morning carried an item on page 3, column 3 entitled, “Tojo and Aides hear Keenan tell of Crimes” and above said item, there was a picture of three dancing girls at Tokyo’s Imperial Theatre in the latest 2-piece bathing suits. The “Times Herald” carried an item in first column, page 4 headed, “Keenan brands Tojo and Aides as Murderers”. This afternoon’s “Star” contains item on first page, column six headed “Keenan brands Tojo and Aides assassins in opening of trial.” WD 7 Reyouritem 26, last telecom and ouritem 32, telecom 22 May, State Dept. adviser Tokyo press release covering indictment was published in State Dept. Bulletin dated 19 May 1946 and amendment to Charter of International Tribunal is published in 26 May issue of State Dept. Bulletin. Copies of these bulletins will be furnished by the State Dept. to the Embassies of all the United Nations representing on IMTFE. 11 copies of 26 May issue being forwarded to you by this office. WD 16 Australian Legation advises that Lord Bright plane leaving Tokyo about 4 June. Please advise when he is leaving and if he is returning to Washington by ATC. TOKYO 13 Reuritem 16, advised that Lord Wright plans to leave here tomorrow June 6 and will return to Washington. WD 17 Reyouritem 4, telecom, the ATC has checked on missing mail pouches and has made further inquiry of Mr. Everson of British Embassy regarding more detailed description, but with information available are unable to locate same. Can British prosecutors give dates the two missing pouches left London. ATC assumes the pouches came from British Foreign Office, London, to State Department Washington, to be forwarded over ATC to British Prosecution Staff in Tokyo. Upon receipt of further information ATC will check further. WD 30 Col. Abe McGregor Goff is separating from Army on June 7 and returning to law practice in Moscow, Idaho, where he has been nominated for Congress. He sends his regards to Mr. Keenan and Staff.