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-12- On the first day of war against fascist Germany Mongolia with full determination joined the United democratic nations. The Presidium of the Little Hural and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Mongolian People’s Republic at their joint meeting on June 22 1941 adopted a resolution which ran as follows: “German fascism has declared war on our great friend the Soviet Union, treacherously subjecting to bombing its towns and villages, thereby defying the whole of progressive mankind. All the people of our Republic connected with the Soviet people with ties of great friendship will be true to their commitments undertaken in accordance with the treaty of Mutual Assistance concluded between the Mongolian People’s Republic and the USSR on March 12, 1936. The Government of the Mongolian People’s Republic assures the peoples of the Soviet Union and all the nations of the world that it will firmly conduct the policy of strengthening friendship with the Soviet people, will render the necessary aid to the USSR in its victorious prosecution of the war imposed upon it by German fascism.” Mongolia rendered all possible aid to the Red Army