Doc. No. 6907 the whole country conspire and unite on the point of political leadership and make Germany recognize as strong a political leadership as possible." With regard to the obligation to check Britain in East Asia and thereby hasten her surrender, it was asserted that this could be fulfilled by the secret instigation of independence movements in India and Burma and the adoption of a strong policy towards Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tientsin. A further step by striking England through an attack upon Singapore was also discussed. The question was posed as to whether it would be ad¬visable to take 11 joint action with Germany against America after the establishment of the New Order in East Asia a few years hence," and the possibility of taking joint action with Germany against America in South America■was discussed. It was considered that Italy should be a party to the coalition in the same manner as Germany because of the possibility of an Italian advance into Iran and India, which would bring her in conflict with Russian interests. The opinion of the conferees was unified on these matters and the necessity for immediate execution of their plans was expressed. After several attempts to bring about the downfall of the YONAI Cabinet had proved unsuccessful, the military resorted to the device of having the War Minister resign. General HATA, War Minister, tendered his resignation to