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-14- Government in Moscow on August 8 of this year” + + + Now when due to joint efforts of Allied Powers the Japanese predatory aggressor has been defeated, the nations of East Asia oppressed by the Japanese military as well as nations repeatedly attacked by them, naturally think that all Japanese war criminals should be severely punished and the possibility of the new monstrous aggression on the part of Japanese imperialism against freedom-loving nations should be precluded once and for all. The Mongolian people requests that the trial of major Japanese war criminals be expedited and expresses hope that the International Military Tribunal will severely punish the defendants for their devilish crimes against peace and mankind and that the Japanese militaristic organizations and institutions which fostered the military-expansionist doctrine of Japanese imperialism will be finally annihilated. The Mongolian people also hope that great damage inflicted upon the Mongolian People’s Republic by Japanese imperialism will be recompensed at the expense of