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Copy A LIST Of documents attached to the declaration of the Government of the Mongolian People’s Republic addressed to the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Tokyo. Supplement No. 1. – The order of dignitary Beise, arriving in Urga on order of the Emperor of Manchuria on the second day of the eighth year (1858 according to the European calendar) as to the delimitation of the frontier of Halha-Mongolia and Barga (Manchuria). Supplement No. 2. – A copy of the map attached to dignitary Beise’s order, delimiting the frontiers of Halha-Mongolia and Barga (Manchura), notes to the map and the transposition of the frontiers shown on the said map to the modern map, also photo copies of the original map. Supplement No. 3 – A synopsis of the Frontier Corps Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Mongolian People’s Republic of the incidents and inroads into the territory of the Republic of Japanese armed forces and Japanese agents from 1935 to August 1945. Supplement No. 4. – Documents of the Foreign Ministry of the Mongolian People’s Republic relating to the negotiations conducted by the delegations of the Mongolian People’s Republic and Manchukuo in the city of Manchuria in 1935. Supplement No. 5. – A synopsis of the War Ministry of events in the districts Halhin-Sumey, Bulun-Ders and Adyig-Dolon