Doc. No. 6907 world peace in accordance with the lofty idea of Hakko Ichiu, on which the Empire is founded0 First of all, it is directed toward the construction of a New Order of Greater East Asia built upon a firm solidarity of Japan, Manchukuo and China, with this Empire as the center. We will therefore speedily secure for herself an unshakable national structure such as conforms to the new world situations and march forward toward the realization of the national policy by mobilizing the total strength of the nation." It was further determined that armaments should be so Increased as nto Insure the execution of national policy on the basis of a state struc¬ture for national defense through manifestations of the nation's total strengtho" The educational system was recog¬nized as having been renovated in full accord with the funda¬mental principle of the national policy. Establishment of an economic self-sufficiency policy making Japan, Manchukuo and China as a single unit and embracing the whole of Greater East Asia and the establishment of a land development plan aimed at the development of the co-ordinated national strength of Japan, Manchukuo and China were among the projects planned. On 1 August 1940 Ambassador KURUSU was still pursuing the quest for Japanese-German cooperation and sought an expression of German attitude regarding the Dutch and French colonies in the Easto Ambassador KURUSU desired to know in what way RIBBENTROP wanted Japan to cooperate, and especially to know if and at what time Germany desired the Japanese weight to be thrown "on the scale of the present conflict."