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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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called upon Vice War Minister UHEZU in January 1938 to furnish more men and money for the establishment of anti-Soviet fortifi¬cations in Hanchukuo and the installation of neteorlogical ser¬vices in Mongolia. The establishment of a secret air route between Japan and Germany had become an established fact.^ On 24 January 1938, UEDA, Commanding General of the Kwantung Army, in his "Outline of the Policy for the Establishment of a New China" contemplated the organization of a central government in North China v/ith the intention to "make them (the Chinese) con¬tribute to the preparation for the fast approaching war with Soviet Russia*4? JAPAN WINS UNRESERVED GER1L.N SUPPORT With the close of the unsuccessful German efforts to bring the Sino-Japanese conflict to an end, Germany recognized that the KONO^E Cabinet and the military were committed to mili¬tary aggression against China and that a new chapter of the war had begun. Under the supposition that Japan would emerge as the military victor and that "China would glide more and, more into the Russian current," Germany speedily considered the necessity of re-orienting her policy toward North China and reviewing German-Japanese relationsAnticipating Japanese pressure in 43.Exhibit 719-A, TP 7,561, 7,562, 44*. Exhibit 770, TP 7,871. 45.Exhibit 762, TP 7,839. 46.Exhibit 486-H, TP 6,002-6,015.