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(in the lake Buir-Bur area) in 1935 – 1936. Supplement No. 6. – Interrogations of Mongolian Army officers as to the opening of hostilities in the area of the Halhin-Gol river in 1939. Supplement No. 7. – Judgements of the Supreme Court of the Mongolian People’s Republic in cases of Japanese agents. Supplement No. 8. – An analysis by the Frontier Corps Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Mongolian People’s Republic of the dislocation of Japanese intelligence organs whose activity was directed against the Mongolian People’s Republic. Supplement No. 9. – A map fabricated by the Japanese for the purpose of proving that certain areas of the Mongolian People’s Republic belonged to Manchukuo. _________ Chief of the Eastern department of the Foreign Ministry of the Mongolian People’s Republic signature. CERTIFIACTE OF TRANSLATION I, A. V. Kunin, hereby certify that I am thoroughly conversant with Russian and English languages and the above is a true and correct translation of the above document. Signature: [signed A. V. Kunin]