Doc. No. 6907 A Four Minister Conference attended by Prime Minister KONCYE, Foreign Minister MATSUOKA, War Minister TOJO and the Navy Minister was held in early September 1940, at which time it was determined that the time was now ripe "for speedy initiation of conversations" for the strengthen¬ing of collaboration among Japan, Germany and Italy. The basic principle was declared to be the making of a funda¬mental agreement among the three countries in order that they shall mutually cooperate "by all possible means" in the establishment of a New Order in Europe and Asia. In¬asmuch as theproposed agreement contemplated that the three countries would cooperate "by all possible means" for the construction of the respective New Orders, Japan, it was stated, should be resolved, if need be, "to take any action) Including recourse to armed force," It was also asserted that in the event Germany might not immediately require Japanese armed cooperation against Britain, Japan1s main objective would be the United States. It was recognized that unless Japan was resolved on the employment of armed force, it would be impossible for Japan to carry on any useful talks with Germany* It was determined that Japan should take steps, as the situation might require, In order to eliminate the political and economic Interests of Britain in East Asia, including the South Seas. Concerning the possible use of armed force against Britain and the United States, Japan was to make decisions Independently, and in the event the "China Incident had been settled," Japan, it