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Parent Tri-Partite Pact Negotiations
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 4
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
15 June 1939 Bhtry General, did not the War Ministry send Telegram No* 235 on August 13a 1938 to QSHBfci and KAJIMA. in Berlin concerning the draft of the Tri-Partite Pact under consideration? Was there not a War Ministry Telegram of the same date sent by the Vice-Minister to OSHBSA explaining the inpart of War Ministry Telegram No. 235? Did not Telegram No* 236 contain the following explanation* "1 - The preamble draft is that this treaty is an extension of the existing Anti~Cominte^n Pact and is a plan which makes clear the intent that the Soviet Union is the chief target* Care was taken so as not to give the impression from the wording that England and the United States are the greatest enemies* (p 2'555) Was not General Hedeki TO JO, now your co-defendant, your Vice- Minister on Aug. 13, 1938? 11 July 1939 In early July. 1939 did you not propose to "send General TERAUCEI to attend the Nazi Party Conference in Genoa ay? You did not reveal your plan to the ^mperor until you had audience with him on the 7th of July? You told the Emperor that it was necessary to send Gen* TERAUCHI to the Nazi confab in order to bind strongly the Anti-Comintern Pact spiritually, did you not? General, before addressing to you the question that follows, I assure you that I mean no disrespect to your age, former position and rank* Is it not true, that in that audience of July 7th which lasted for