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Parent The Mainichi, August 30, 1946
Date 30 August 1946
Language English
Collection David Nelson Sutton Papers
Box Box 14
Folder Folder 63 | [Add Description]
Repository Virginia Historical Society
[relevant article text] Tokyo Trials (Continued From Page 1) At the time of the Japanese occupation of Nanking. Fitch testified that he saw hundreds of people shot and bayonetted on December 15. He saw 1,300 persons taken out of a safety zone camp to be shot. Several big fires broke out on December 19 and the American flag was torn down in several places. He also saw many Japanese trucks loaded with loot. 3. The Statement of Mrs. Shui Fang-tsen, 71, director of the Ginling college dormitory, Nanking, who declared that Japanese soldiers often entered the college grounds, a safety zone, on pretext of looking or soldiers when actually seeking women to rape. 11 Girls Carried Off She declared that on December 17, Japanese soldiers carried off 11 girls, nine of whom returned horribly raped and abused while the other two were never heard from. Protests to the Japanese consul did little good, she said. She stated that Japanese soldiers burned private homes for sport and warmth. She added that the situation was worse in other safety zones where there were no foreign women like Miss Vautrin of Ginling college to restrain the Japanese.