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-2- To be put under the direct command of the General Headquarters. III.The deposition of ITAGAKI: In his affidavit (defense document 2555, part V, letter e, page 43 and 44), ITAGAKI states that modification was made by orders of the Imperial Headquarters as of July 5, 1940. He states also (as previously stated by General SAWADA in a former deposition) that “toward the end of September in the same year (1940), a detachment of the South China expeditionary Army was, by order of Imperial Headquarters, ordered to proceed to Nroth Indo-China”, and that he had no control or responsibility concerning it. IV.Discussion That may be good for ITAGAKi, if true. But, however ITAGAKI is an accused for the count 15, 23 and 33 relating to this matter, I am much more concerned by TOJO. TOJO was, since July 1940, War Minister. In this condition, if the declaration of ITAGAKI and SAWADA are accepted, the responsibility for the events of September 1940 along the border of Northern French Indo-China is incumbent on TOJO, who agreed to the orders or could not ignore the orders given by the Imperial Headquarters. V.The point. This matter has to be clarified. You can find an help from an excerpt from KIDO’s Diary (I.P.S. Doc. 1632 RR), dated 30 July 1940, which states