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Parent Certificate Doc. No. 6254-B
Date 24 July 1946
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from July 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Doc. No. 6254 Page 2. 3 July 1946 From: Op-23-F-3 To: Op-22-Y. Via: Op-23-F Subject: Captured Japanese Base Plans; comparison with aerial photographic coverage and reports. Encl: (A) List of Captured Map Material. (B) P.I. Special Report No. S-1-46 (C) P.I Special Report No. S-2-46. 1.Enclosure (A) indicated that the elapsed time from beginning of hostilities to the first aerial photographic reconnaissance over subject areas varied from 32 days to 30 months. The shortest elapsed time (32 days) between beginning of hostilities and first photo cover was in the Truk Islands. However, the quality of the photography was poor and clouds obscured areas of interested referred to in plans. 2.The Island of Wotje was photographed 53 days after hostilities began. This photography indicates that eh installations referred to in plans were operative at that time (See Enclosure (B)). Attention is invited to the fact that mechanical drawing practices usually indicate installations already constructed in solid lines, and planned construction in dotted lines. This being true, the power plant, transmitters, command post and block house were complete as of 10 August 1940, the date indicated in plans. 3.Enclosure (B) shows that planned construction indicated in captured document #JICPOA 5486 was completed at time of initial photo cover. 4.Enclosure (C) indicates that 41 out of 53 installations planned before the war were confirmed by war time photography. S. T. Dibrell