Proof (a) Interrogation of OSHIMA, Hiroshi, 12 February 1946, pages 74 and 75. “A. . . . I wish to make it clear that when Ribbentrop spoke to me at the time of a party in celebration of Hitler’s birthday, which was held at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Ribbentrop did not state that he was entering into negotiations with Russia. When he spoke to SHIRATORI and me around one or two A.M. in the morning following the party, he said that if the matter of a pact between Germany and Japan continued in the stage of talks for too long a period it might become necessary for Germany to clasp hands with Russia in one way or another. That was all. “Q. General, I understood you to say yesterday that Ribbentrop was very definite in stating that it might become necessary to seek a non-aggression pact with Russia at the time of this party. “A. Yes, he did say non-aggression pact.”