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Parent The situation in Japan
Date 21 November 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from November 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Page 2 Captain Luke Lea, Jr. Administering to the medical needs of our whole household. Yamasake’s small boy was stricken with pneumonia, the one who is a mute, and Dr. Weber took care of this case also. Quilliam’s phase of the case went on beautifully, and Carlisle’s work has been received splendidly. We are now near the end of Ballantine’s testimony and Admiral Richardson will go on in a day or so. Considerable friction has arisen regarding the proposed length of Lopez’s section and Mansfield’s section. I do now know where the argument will end. It is a very critical situation, threatening an open break which could lead to serious difficulties. Mr. Mr. Keenan is well satisfied with the record of the case, and he feels that we have our case in. He has done a tremendous amount of work, and for this and other reasons he needs a rest. At the beginning of Carlisle’s phase he told us that he would not appear in court again during the taking o testimony, but would devote his time to the preparation of an argument on the law of the case which will have to be made at the conclusion of the prosecution’s evidence. You will remember that we were advised once before not to waste time on the legal phases, but we were placed in a terrible position in having to do last minute work on legal phases in connection with the preparation of the argument on jurisdictional questions and in preparation of the opening statement. I do not think I can go through such an ordeal again, therefore I want to take every precaution I can against the same things happening again. It is a rather delicate situation because I am not charged with any responsibility in connection with it, and for that reason what I am suggesting here must be treated confidentially and handled carefully. Dr. Brown before he left agreed to give me a copy of the treatise he was preparing and has probably now completed. Will you see him personally and try to get a copy for me and send it at once? We are terribly concerned about the loss of personnel. McKenzie and Hardin left several days ago. Judge Williams leaves Saturday. English and Hyde will leave soon. Eugene will leave early in December but will return. I was quite disturbed over Carlisle’s state of health due to the constant grind that he has been under and the difficulties of his position. He lost his appetite completely, but since his section has progressed so well and since Mr. Keenan has realized more than ever before his importance to the project, Carlisle seems to have taken on new life and if he will take ten days of real rest