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Parent The Medical Report of Dr. Okawa - Shumei August 22, 1946
Date 22 August 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from August 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
The loss of appetite hindered his proper physical recovery; Insulin injection was applied to build up his health. His mental condition as not much improved during this period but caused no trouble as for the treatment was concerned. August. From the beginning of this month his excitements became more noticeable than before. His manners become rude and often violent; especially during the night he walks the hall up and down shouting, sometimes steps into other patient’s rooms, breaks window glasses and beats others. The scopolamine injection is necessary for such nights. His appetite is good; physical condition is much improved. The contents of his thought have not much changed since his admittance to the hospital, but his memory is good and sometimes surprises the listeners by its accuracy. Laboratory examination of spinal fluid was made on August 14. Numbers of cells: 3/1mm Nonne: 2 Plus Pandy: 3 Plus Takata-Ara: 3 Plus Protein: 0.33% Findings are better than previous examination in May. Diagnosis. The process of syphilitic brain damage is arrested at present and it may be judged his condition is inclined to the improvements. His mental condition, it seems, is not getting worse. It is considered, as the result, rather to wait the gradual recovery of fever therapy than to start the new fever therapy again on this stage. Plan. The patient is very excitable for any stimulus. To give him the quiet surroundings is most necessary for the treatment. For this purpose to transfer Dr. OKAWA from University Hospital to Matsuzawa Hospital is highly recommended. The above mentioned hospital is the Manicipal Hospital for the Insane located in a suburb of Tokyo City. It has sufficient equipments for the convalescence care. Moreover, I myself is the president of this institution, I can afford him the most adequate treatment now necessary. [signed] Yushi Uchimura _______________ Yushi Uchimura