Doc. No. 6907 expression Hakko Ichiu adopted as a national slogan, was the establishment of a New Order in East Asia. Unless the present wars were considered in the light of these statements, it was said, the real nature of the new world order of tomorrow which is to be established through Japanese-German-Italian cooperation could not be under¬stood . In addition to the original signatories to the Tri¬partite Pact, the following countries joined on the dates indicated: Hungary, 20 November 1940; Roumania, 23 November 1940; Slovakia, 24 December 1940; Bulgaria, 1 March 1941; and Croatia, 15 June 1941. C. Collaboration between Japan. Germany and Italy under %he Provisions of the Tri¬partite Pact Evidence will be introduced under this subject showing that the accused, acting through their leaders and In full collaboration with their Axis partners, unified the govern¬ment and nation behind the Tri-Partite Pact, and by their declarations and conduct put into motion forces designed to accomplish the objects of the conspiracy charged in the in¬dictment . In the period that followed the conclusion of the Tri- Partite Pact, SHIRATORI continued to play an indispensable part in promoting pro-German relations in Japan. Under his leadership, activist circles in Japan, as early as January 1941, demanded an attack on Singapore as the key British