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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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unity of Manchukuo, China and Japan."- On the first anniversary of the so-called China Incident, ARAKI announced that "Imperial Japan, who is entrusted by God,* * *will, of course, inflict chastening blows persistently against Chiang's regime and it is our policy that we will not lay down arms until anti-Japanese China is completely crushed to the extent that they cannot stand up again." He added, "We should clarify the absolute superiority of our national constitution and the thought of Hakko Ichiu or the unification of the world under one roof should be pervaded to the whole world." "Japan," he said, "must not be left as a power in East Asia only but must be ppoooted to the world's Japan as the leader of the New Era." 71 The accused SATO construed the declaration made by the Japanese Government on 15 August 1938 as being the equivalent of a declaration of war against China.72 On 3 November 1938, Prime Minister KONOYE in a radio address stated that Japan at home was silently preparing for protracted hostilities and speeding of war production.73 The HIRANUMA Cabinet succeeded the first KONOYE Cabinet on 5 January 1939- On the occasion of the Prime Minister's offi¬cial address to the Imperial Diet on 21 January 1939, HIRANUMA announced that the present Cabinet would carry out the policy of the KONOYE Cabinet with reference to China, that "it is determined 70Exhibit 2223-A, TP 15,847. 71Exhibit 2281, TP 16,255-16,257. 72See Note 38. 73Exhibit 460-A, TP 5,256.