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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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to proceed at all costs to the achievement of the final purpose,11 and that the Diet "is to deliberate on the means for dealing with the initial stage of the construction of a new order in East Asia. "Japan*s national policy" he said, is "to lay the foundation of prosperity and progress in East Asia through the political, eco¬nomic and cultural cooperation of Japan, Manchukuo and China." He then explained that the construction of the new order would be impossible without the cooperation of the Chinese, and that Japan had no alternative other than to exterminate all who persisted in their opposition to Japan. It is made clear in the foregoing pronouncements by leaders in'the Japanese government that the only way to have peace in China was for the Chinese to cooperate for the establish¬ment of so-called co-prosperity in the way dictated by Japan and under such terms as Japan saw fit to impose. The frequent reitera¬tion of a determination to impose Japan1s will upon China by the use of armed force, though accompanied by high-sounding phrases about peaceful intentions, and the constant reference to the decision to destroy all who stood in the way of accomplishment of Japan's so-called divine mission, constitute indubitable proof of concert of action in the common plan or conspiracy charged. INCREASE OF ACTIVITY AIMED AT THE SOVIET UNION Japan's plans for aggressive action against the Soviet Union likewise became more apparent during this period. In a 74Exhibit 2229-A, TP 15,988.