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Parent Documents Obtained from Yatsugi - Kazuo - (in charge of Kokusaku Kenkyu-Kai)
Date 26 June 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
27."Personal Opinion of the President of the Society for the Study of Greater -East Asia Problems,” national Policy Research Association, 1942. 28."Summary on the Establishment of a Greater East Asia," National Policy Research Association, 1942, "secret" mimeographed booklet. 29."Emergency Plans for Management of French Indo-China," HAGATA, Yasuichi Bureau, of the National Policy Research Association, 1940, "secret." 30."Policy on Burma," Racial Problems Committee of the National Policy Research Association, 1940, "confidential" sheets. 31."Policy on Tibet," Racial Problems Committee of the National Policy Research Association, 1940, "confidential^ shoots. 32."Summary of Opinions on the Hotr Economical System," "confidential” sheets. 33."Recent Comments by Elder Statesmen," Wartime Information Bureau, 1944, "confidential" booklet, 34."The World War Battle Situation," by Lt. General ISHIHARA, 1944. 35."Important Plans for the Adaption of Machinery to the Heeds of Total War-Effort," National Policy" Research Association, 1944. 36."Important Problems amongst Various Departments Connected with Supreme Command," National Policy Research Association, 1944, "secret." 37."Concerning the Plans for a National Unification of Various Societies to War Effort," from various societies to YATSUGI, Kazuo, 1944. 38."Summary of the Plans for Establishing the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," Part IV, The Greater East Asia Problems Research* Bureau, 1942, mimeographed booklets. 39."Draft of a Plan for Adjusting Far Eastern Economics," undated "secret" sheet. 40."Opinions 011 Plans for the Southern Region," Formosa Government-General, HASEGAWA, Kiyoshi, 1942, "confidential" booklet. 41.Typewritten mimeographed loose-bound sheet on economical organization, 1941, "secret" and "confidential." 42."Study of the Situation (to ho forwarded to President KOITOYE)," 1941. 43."The General World Situation and the Japan’s New World Policy," undated "secret" sheet. 44."Problems of Ideas," undated, handwritten booklet.