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Parent Cultural Agreement Between Thailand and Japan of October 1942
Date 7 October 1946
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda October 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
COPY Minute of the Privy Council for the ratification of the Cultural Agreement between Japan and Thailand held on December 2 (Wednesday), 1942 under imperial presence attended b y President HARA Vice-President SUZUKI Ministers: Public Education Minister HASHIDA Ag. & Forestry Minister INO Public Welfare Minister KOIZUMI Finance Minister IWAMURA Navy Minister SHIMADA Communication Min. TERASHIMA Com. & Industry “ KISHI Railway Min. HATTA Foreign Min. TANI Greater East-Asia Min AOKI Councillors ISHII, ARIMA, KUBOTA, SHIMIZU, MINAMI (Hiroshi), NARA, MATSUI, SUGAHARA, MATSUURA, USHIO, HAYASHI, FUTAKAMI, MANO, OSHIMA, OBATA, TAKEKOSHI, MITSUCHI, IKEDA, MINAMI (Jiro) & TOKUJI Committeemen, President of the Legislation Board MORIYAMA Councillor SATO Director of the Treaty Bureau of the Foreign Department ANDO Director of the South Affairs Bureau MIZUNO Reporter: Chief Secretary HORIE Secretaries: MOROHASHI & TAKATSUJI Reporter Horie: “The relations between Japan & Thailand became closer since the conclusion of the Alliance Pact at the end of last year, thenceforth by the solution of various problems regarding the economical collaboration, the relations acquired more and more their solidity, but in order to make them more inalterable and steady, it beyond question that the deepening of mutual cognition and understanding is ultimately necessary, and for that, by the conclusion of a Cultural Treaty on a solid basis, introduce reciprocally their proper culture and plan the exchange is more effective. We, therefore, proposed previously this idea to Thailand and as the latter approves our proposal, we presented a draft of Agreement (page 11-12). He then explained the details of clauses of the Agreement (page 13, 14, 15 & 16). “This Agreement having aim at promoting the cultural relations between 2 countries and at solidifying their friendship, I believe adequate to approve.”: (page 16) For the question of councilor SHIMIZU as to the amount of charges summed up in the next years’ budget, Minister AOKI replied that it amounts to about one million and several ten hundred thousand yen. The Council approved unanimously. Signed: President HARA Kayo Chief Secretary HORIE Shezo Secretaries MOROHASHI YUZURU Takatsuji Masami