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Parent Tri-Partite Pact Negotiations
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 4
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
about two hours, the discontent of the Emperor exploded when he bluntly told you, "There is no one as dumb as you** Criticising your idea of sending Gen T3RAUCHI as not good, the Skperorjv. roceeded to chastise youi "You know my opinion well* Even before, at the conference of the Supreme War Councillors, you reported the falsity that the Foreign Minister was in favor of the Military Alii- ancej" ^? Notwithstanding those scathing words of the Kmperor, you did not see fit to tender your resignation, is it not true? 23 August 1939 »id you know that it was not only the Emperor but also the Premier Baron HIRANUMA who complained of your tendency to falsify the facts? Did Mr* HIRANUMA express to you his conviction that you were try- ing to exceed the scope of War Ministry Telegram No* dated Aig» 13, 1938? And did it evei£ reach your ears that the lord Keeper of the Privy Seal considered your attitude at the time very queer, and he gloomily con¬cluded that not only your brains were bad but also something else? General, August 23, 1939 was the deay the Russian-German Non-aggression Pact was signed and announced ot the world? You know, did you not, that even before the consummation of the non-aggression Pact, Premier HIRANUMA wanted to resign because of his constant clashes with the Army represented by you? Baron HIRANUMA resigned because he caasidered there was a failure in Japanese foreign policy, was it not? He considered it a failure because the military alliance with