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Parent Minutes of Meeting of Prosecution Staff
Date 1 March 1948
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 6
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from March 1948
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
citations and the Defense will do the same. It is up to the Court to examine each exhibit and ferret out where the difference lies. It is not going to help the court to have these points re-argued. Judge Nyi recommended that the Prosecution make a list of everything including mis-facts, arguments not based on evidence, etc. and this list either read or not read accord¬ing to the wishes of the Court. Mr. Fixel suggested lists of erroneous statements and erroneous arguments be made but the question of their use be postponed. Mr. Tavenner suggested all outstanding questions of importance be noted but that attention not be drawn to ordinary documents or testimony. Instructions as to just what things should be noted on this list will be furnished to each attorney at a later date. Mr. Tavenner suggested that two committees be formed to handle the work of organization of material which might be used in a reply. First there would be a committee for screening all suggestions before the matter is prepared for argument. Before the work goes to that committee it should be broken down by a committee to which all findings will be presented. This committee will pick out the valuable items and prepare a list which will be submitted to Mr. Horwitz for the general phase or to the attorney whose phase is con¬cerned. The individual attorney will then resift the items of erroneous nature to determine if they are important enough to submit to the main committee. The second committee will act not as a body but will have their work divided and work individually. At the same time each individual attorney should study the summations from the standpoint of his defendent and present his findings to the general committee. He should discuss his findings with Mr. Horwitz and from their combined ideas make a submission to the committee. These steps should be followed according to form and with as little paper work as possible. Instructions will be sent out later on the committee work.