Doc. No. 6907 THE NO SEPARATE PEACE PACT AND THE MILITARY AGREEMENT BETWEEN JAPAN, GERMANY AND ITALY Vllhen the Tri-Partite Pact was concluded on 27 September 1940,MATSUOKA in reply to a question stated that an agree¬ment would be negotiated between the three powers for a "No Separate Peace Pact" in the event of hostilities. In the latter part of November 1941, Germany was in¬formed of the state of negotiations between Japan and the United States and of the fact that hostilities between Japan and the United States were imminent. On 29 November 1941,RIBBENTROP advised that it was essential that Japan effect the New Order in East Asia without losing the existing opportunity. "There never has been and probably never will be," he said, "a time when closer cooperation under the Tri¬partite Fact is so important. If Japan hesitates at this time, and Germany goes ahead and establishes her European New Order, all the military might of Britain and the United States will be concentrated against Japan." He further stated: "Should Japan become engaged in a war against the United States, Germany,of course, would join the war im¬mediately. There is absolutely no possibility of Germany's entering into a separate peace with the United States under such circumstances. The Fuehrer is determined on that point." Between the 1st and 3rd of December 1941, Ambassador OSKIllA received a telegram from Tokyo stating that the Japanese Government desired Germany's participation in the event of a United States-Japanese conflict and further that