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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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without reservations on the part of -Japan, they refused to follow the advice of the Ito Commission and refused to communicate the compromise proposal through official channels. They threatened .. to cause the fall of the Cabinet by resigning from their posts unless the government reconsidered its stand.87 This is the first occasion on which Ambassadors OSHIM and SHIRATORI refused to comply with the directions of the Foreign Minister and endeavored to impose their convictions upon the Japanese Govern ment In the beginning of March, 1939, Ambassadors OSKIMA and SHIRATORI received instructions from the Japanese Government in which it agreed with the general idea of the Pact but desired to limit mutual obligations of assistance to the case of a war with Russia. The Ambassadors confidentially advised Ribbentrop and Count Ciano regarding this proposal but advised the Japanese Government on their own initiative of their refusal to present such a fundamental change of the German-Italian draft of the . proposed treaty. The Ambassadors declared that they would have to resign from their posts in the event of a different decision of the Japanese Cabinet.88 This is the second occasion on which Ambassadors CSBIMA and SHIRATORI refused to comply with the instructions of their home government and endeavored to influence the course of Japanese foreign policy. 87 Exhibit 501, TP 6,096. 88Exhibit 502, TP 6,100.