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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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cooperation of Japan and emphasized that Japan was convinced of the necessity of further strengthening the Anti-Comintern Pact. 93 HASHIMOTO continued to preach the philosophy of OKAWA. In a press article published on 1 May 1939 he charged England and the Soviet Union with assisting Chiang Kai-shek and announced that !fthe key of solving the Chinese problem lies in the destruction of those supporters of Chiang." In referring to the need of strengthening Axis collaboration, he said "the policy of Germany and Italy to destroy England and France are on the same foundation with that of Japan. Accordingly, we must instantly expand and strengthen the hitherto superficial Tri-Partite Pact, including democracy as well as communism as the object of attack. If we strengthen our collaboration, it is easy to put an end to England and France. In Europe, Germahy and Italy will eliminate commune ism and democracy, the two enemies of human civilization, and in Asia, in the area east to India at least, Japan will expell those countries which are founded upon communism and democracy." On 1 June 1939 in a press article, HASHIMOTO referred to England as the enemy which "blocks our way to the South," and called upon Japan to "arm the Axis."94 TEMPORARY SET-BACK TO CONCLUSION OF A MILITARY ALLIANCE The German-Italian Pact was concluded on 22 May 1939.95 In the last days before the conclusion of the German-Italian Pact, 93.Exhibit 221% I5,8l6, 94.Exhibit 2185, TP 15,657? 15,658; 15,660, 95.TP 6,120.